There are two publications:

We have a separate rate structure for intermediaries (brokers).  Please contact us for details.

Email if you would like a complimentary back issue of the Curve Advisor.  two week trial subscription (1-3 days delayed Trades Issue) is available for a $25 donation to the designated Charity.

A 25% discounted three month subscription are available to first-time clients.  You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Typically there will be 50-60+ issues a year.  All subscriptions include membership to the CA Forums.  The CA Forums are a great way for people new to EuroDollars and ED curvature to ask questions and get genuine answers – whether it is regarding the markets, trades, modeling, or anything else related to EDs.

Prices are subject to change.  The Curve Advisor reserves the right to terminate any subscription at any time.

For more information, email with your name, company, position, and the type of subscription you are interested in.  We welcome all questions or comments.