Our goal is to provide insight into the drivers of the curve and help clients pick up frequent small pieces of value while waiting for the less-frequent larger opportunities.  Since we started keeping a track record of trades in 2014, the Curve Advisor has had 102 winning trades versus 28 losing trades through December 2017.  Using an average trade size of 3 units, the individual trades have been up a cumulative 712 “basis point – units.”  In addition, the CA provides a number of unofficial Flip Trade strategies for traders who like range-bound structures that can be traded in higher frequency.  Some clients find these strategies to be as valuable as the official CA Trades.  The CA also discusses trade concepts that may not fit our view, but may fit yours.  The CA can help you find value regardless of whether you prefer to focus on the smaller trades or the larger trades.


The Trades Subscription

The Trades newsletter discusses current topics affecting Eurodollars.  This includes:

  • a trading-focused review of the previous week,
  • a general summary of where there we see value on the curve,
  • a discussion of a relevant topic related to the yield curve, market positioning, a trade theme, the FOMC, or the economy,
  • a discussion of new Flip Trade opportunities and a table of active Flip Trades with relevant trade comments, and
  • a discussion of new trade opportunities and a table of active Official Trades with performance and relevant trade comments.

The subscription also includes:

  • official Trade write-ups as opportunities occur,
  • unofficial “flip” trades and positioning thoughts,
  • intra-week email updates on any developments I find noteworthy,
  • support on any trade or positioning issues,
  • email feedback on your views and trade ideas, and
  • answers to questions you may have on STIR futures.

There will typically be 50+ issues a year and 3 to 4+ official trades per month.






  • newsletter delivery on
    Tuesday mornings
  • new Trade write-ups
    with up to 1 day delay
  • basic support


  • newsletter delivery on
    Monday mornings
  • new Trade write-ups
    standard delivery
  • standard support


  • newsletter delivery on
    Sunday evenings
  • new Trade write-ups
    1-6 hours earlier
  • premium support

The quality of the commentary and trade ideas have resulted in a 98% month-to-month retention rate of Trades subscribers.

We may issue a partial subscription credit in case of noticeable under-performance.  You may cancel your subscription at any time for a prorated refund.  Prices are subject to change.  The Curve Advisor reserves the right to terminate any subscription at any time.

A 25% discounted three month subscription is available to first-time clients.  Use discount code “INTRO”.  Discounts for multiple subscriptions within a desk and a referral discount are also available.  Multi-client subscriptions are available for intermediaries (brokers) starting at $8,000 per month for the Premium subscription.  Further delayed subscriptions are available at lower rates.  Please email for more information.


monthly renewals

For more information on any of our products, email subscriptions@CurveAdvisor.com including your name, company, and the type of subscription you are interested in. We welcome all questions and comments.