Note: The Products and Subscribe pages will be moving to the new Client site later this year.

There are three subscriptions:

Typically there will be 50+ issues a year.  All subscriptions include email feedback on your views and trade ideas, as well as answers to questions you may have on the ED curve (within reason, based on level of subscription).  The most recent Trades issue is available for a $25 donation to the designated Charity (new clients only).  You may cancel your subscription at any time for a prorated refund.  Prices are subject to change.  The Curve Advisor reserves the right to terminate any subscription at any time.

A 25% discounted three month subscription is available to first-time clients.  Discounts for multiple subscriptions within a desk and a dual 25% referral discount are also available.

For more information, email with your name, company, position, and the type of subscription you are interested in.  We welcome all questions or comments.