BONUS: “Free” Straddle

From time to time, I'll post an occasional trade.  You'll need a reasonable cost structure to take advantage of this opportunity. On Friday I sent out the following trade: I saw EDZ7 98.625 call trade [...]

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ED-FF is Steep

I mentioned in client emails that I prefer taking Fed hiking views in FFs, and I wanted to explain a little more fully.  One of the things I have been doing more work on this [...]

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BONUS: Trade Thoughts

For the rest of this month, I'll reprint the Trade Thoughts section of the CA Newsletter.  There are seven parts to the Newsletter: (1) My take on the events of the previous week, (2) A summary [...]

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Fed Dot Surprises

I know the markets have been ignoring the Fed’s dots for some time now.  But as I always say, as the meetings get nearer, the Fed dots get more accurate.  For example, the day before [...]

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Legging Lessons

Since some of you may be new to ED trading, I may occasionally do a “Trade Basics” segment.  There was an interesting trade that went through on Friday, and I thought I would discuss it.  [...]

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The Tapering Fed Meeting

One of the things about the “gradual and communicative” Fed is that they pretty much tell us most of the important things we need to know well in advance.  No one said anything about a [...]

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