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    I have to add something. I hope it will help.
    1) There’re much more liquidity providers for FX forwards, almost every big bank will be glad to provide you liquidity (of course, your company need to have enough funds for that).
    2) FX forwards mostly executed electronically; in case if you have to deal over the phone within small club, be ready to…[Read more]

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    Great idea about newsletter. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to collect all the new posts and publications on the web-site. Newsletter solves this problem.
    Also I have to suggest to remove ads on the forum. IMHO it’s not the necessary thing for commercial project, focused mostly on professionals.

  • Thank you guys, for opinions. It’s very valuable for me.

  • Thanks for opinions, guys.
    Laurent, may I ask you for more details about CME Direct? As I know they previously had CME Eos (or something like that) which was not good. Looking at CME Direct details, it’s much better and modern.
    Honestly to say I thought CME Direct requires some special things (for example capital or round turns requirements, or…[Read more]

  • Hello all, and first of all, CurveAdvisor!
    In this topic I’d like to discuss and ask opinions. The question is about platform for orders execution.
    Which platform you prefer for trading curvature (butterfly, double fly, etc.), relative value, spreads, options and many other things, related to STIRs?
    I like CQG products, and Spreader especially,…[Read more]

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