Here are some recent back issues of the Trades weekly newsletter, where I discuss relevant market developments and the trades to take advantage of those environments.  Click the file name to open the document, or right-click and “save link as…” to download the file.


Curve Advisor Trades 141020

October 20:  I discuss my thoughts on equities, ebola, the ED rally, Bullard, and the FOMC meeting.  I emphasize why I prefer the “later but faster” view.   Trades for the week include: (1) buying a weighted double fly between the reds and golds, and (2) buying a double fly in the blues.


Curve Advisor Trades 141013

October 13:  I discuss my assessment of the LMCI (“crazy bullish”), Dudley and Fischer’s comments, and the relative richness of the long end of the curve.  I warn that the following week is going to be volatile, and that you need to proceed with caution.  The three trades that week are: (1) buying a conditional call steepener on the Z6-Z8 spread, (2) selling a conditional call Z4-Z5-Z6 butterfly, and (3) buying the M7-M8-M9 year fly.


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