[From time to time, I’ll write an article for Seeking Alpha. Below is the summary of the article that was published on February 2, 2017. To read the full article, go to seekingalpha.com]

• We have seen the past few quarters how much the Trade Balance can affect GDP.
• Trump’s “puzzling” foreign policy actions are wholly consistent with reducing the Trade Balance with various counterparties.
• One of Trump’s strengths is negotiating, and he is using some classic negotiation tactics with various countries.

I discuss what he is trying to accomplish in the various parts of the world. The article was very well-received by clients. I had to “clean up” some of the language from when it first appeared in the CA Newsletter on January 29, but it will definitely give you some food for thought regarding what I believe Trump is trying to accomplish with some of his “unusual” actions.

To read the rest of the article, go to seekingalpha.com