Happy New Year!  We are making some exciting changes to the Curve Advisor for 2017:

  • FREE Digest:  You will receive a free weekly or semi-monthly summary of new posts on the web site and the Forum, starting next week.  The Digest may also include some delayed market and trade commentary not on the web site.
  • Expanding to other STIR futures:  Now that there is some life on other yield curves, we are slowly expanding on our success in the US to other STIR futures markets: (1) Euribor futures, (2) Short Sterling futures and (3) Canadian BA futures.  We recently put out our first Euribor trade.  The focus of the CA will still be on the US but we are looking to pick up a few pieces of low-hanging fruit a year in other countries.
  • New lower-cost Subscription option:  We have had requests for lower-cost subscription alternatives.  Currently, the Basic Subscription is only $600 per month, with an early Tuesday delivery.  An early Wednesday delivery option is available for $300 per month.  This is an unofficial option, so email us if you are interested in this.
  • New higher-cost Subscription service:  This is only available to Premium subscribers, and includes discussion via chat, a best practices review, a review of analysis tools, regular reviews of risk, positioning adjustment suggestions, daily curve value suggestions and other services as needed.
  • Forum Changes:  The “free Forum” experiment was not effective.  There was less participation and the CA web site just kept getting overrun by new spam accounts despite various counter-measures.  The Main Forum will still be free to read, but posting will be limited to paid members.  Since only a tiny percentage of registered users ever posted on the Forum, this should not be much of an inconvenience to most users.  If you are receiving this email, you will be exempt from payment for 2017.  You will also be exempt if you contribute content to the Forum.  Use this opportunity to post that question or comment you may have had.
  • Possible new Premium Forum membership?  We are considering adding a “Research” product for people wanting to learn about curve trading.  This membership will include access to a private Forum with 1+week old CA Newsletters and Trade ideas.  This is meant to be a place where we can have more thorough discussions on market and trade-specific topics.  We would discuss why certain structures were selected over others and do a review of performance after trades are completed.  There could also be other advanced topics for discussion.  The cost will be $99 per month, and will be free to CA Newsletter Subscribers.  We will only do this if there are a minimum number of people interested, so let me know if you want to be on the wait list.
  • Affiliate Program:  If you know anyone who may want to subscribe, let us know.  The Affiliate Program would credit you up to 25% toward a CA subscription, and pay cash thereafter.  Email for more details.

You may also see us doing more writing (especially on the web site) and being more active on some other mass-market outlets: Twitter (@CurveAdvisor), Seeking Alpha and other sites.

We always appreciate feedback.  Let us know if you have any thoughts on the above changes or any suggestions for improvement.  Best of wishes for the New Year.

– Curve Advisor